First fall ASG meeting sees launch of Night Owl program

    ASG Senate convened Wednesday for the first time this quarter, as new and returning Senators settled into the regular meeting routine.

    Speaker of the Senate Wilson Funkhouser and Parliamentarian Jill Grewe briefly held a “crash course to Senate” to explain attendance and general procedures to new Senators.

    The ASG Executive Board members, who had been selected and confirmed during spring quarter, introduced themselves to Senate.

    After small amendments, a resolution was unanimously passed to support administration funding of Night Owl, a new student group aiming to plan and run “late-night programming” for students. Night Owl president Kirstin Nordhaus said these events would include outdoor movies, speaker series, bingo nights and carnivals.

    Laurel Stankus was confirmed to join ASG’s executive board as vice president of public relations. Before today, the Medill senior has already directed ASG publicity for Big Bite Night earlier this month.


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