Five candidates to vie for ASG presidency

    Five students will run for Associated Student Government president this year, ASG Elections Commissioner Samir Pendse said Sunday.

    Last year, two candidates, Julian Hill and current ASG President Jon Webber, ran for the office. In 2006, only Jay Schumacher ran.

    This year, the candidates are: Weinberg junior Blake Yocom; Weinberg senior Scott Burton; Weinberg sophomore Luke Adams; SESP junior Neal Sales-Griffin; and Weinberg junior Mark Crain.

    McCormick sophomore Nate Perkins will run against Weinberg junior Hariharan Vijayaraghavan for Student Services Vice President. Weinberg junior Usman Mian will compete against Communication sophomore Mike McGee in the race for Academic Vice President. McCormick sophomore Vikram Karandikar will run unopposed for Executive Vice President.


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