Five fast facts about Ashton Kutcher

    No, you were not just Punk'd – Ashton Kutcher of That '70s Show fame made a Block 4 appearance to cheer on the dancers. It may feel like you know Kutcher pretty well. He has played a goofy twenty-something in Just Married, an abrasive innvoator in Jobs and an immature Charlie Sheen replacement in Two and a Half Men. Still, NBN is here with five facts to prove that you never quite know everything about a person.

    • His first job was sweeping Cheerio dust Kutcher started his working career sweeping at the General Mills factory where his father worked. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?
    • Kutcher has a fraternal twin named Michael While Kutcher's mother expected a son, what she got was twice as nice. Ashton's fame never drove the two apart, though. "I consider him my best friend," said Michael Kutcher in a 2012 profile.
    • Two of his toes are fused together  Kutcher has two webbed toes on his left foot. He doesn't seem too worried about them, though. "When everything else is this good looking, something's gotta be messed up," said Kutcher in a BBC interview.
    • Kutcher was a member of Delta Chi at University of Iowa. He eventually dropped out of his biochemical engineering program to pursue modelling.
    • He was Abercrombie & Fitch model Remember those headless bodies printed on the store's bags? One of those missing heads was Kutcher's. You might even say that he put the "ab" in Abercrombie.


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