DM 2018: Five Fast Facts about Josh Peck

    Josh Peck, known for his infamous role as Josh Nichols on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh, addressed the dancers during Block 5. (He should’ve said it twice for emphasis. EMPHASIS!) Here are five facts about the actor, comedian and relic of your childhood.

    1. He’s no stranger to Northwestern. Peck was Hillel’s 2017 fall speaker. At his talk in Cahn, he threw out NU references – talking about Nevin’s and the Rock – and the crowd sang him “Happy Birthday.” He’s basically one of us now.

    2. His Jewish faith is important to him. He wasn’t “stoked” about Hebrew school when he was a kid, but has since come to appreciate the understanding he has with those who also share his culture.

    3. We can all calm down - the beef with Drake Bell is not a beef. The fact that Peck didn’t invite Bell to his June 2017 wedding made waves on the internet after Bell sent out a few angry tweets. Peck assured NU students at his Hillel talk that he has since talked to Bell, and they’re totally chill. Our childhoods can remain intact for now.

    4. In 2015, he was the most popular comedian on Vine. Speaking of which, when are we getting v2? RIP Vine. We miss you.

    5. He had a part in the Ice Age series. Eat your heart out, Josh Nichols. Eddie the possum is an icon.


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