DM 2018: Five Fast Facts about Lisa Joy

    Lisa Joy encouraged the dancers during Block 3. Some of her Westworld stars appeared in the video as well, to dance in the video. Here are five things you should know about the producer and director.

    1. She’s executive producer and co-creator of the sci-fi series Westworld. The show has been nominated for multiple Golden Globes and won four Emmys. Joy herself was nominated for outstanding writing for a drama series.

    2. She got her start writing for the quirky ABC show Pushing Daisies. Undoubtedly one of director Bryan Fuller’s best works, the show starred Lee Pace and Anna Friel. It tragically only ran for two seasons.

    3. She’s a Harvard Law grad. She practiced law in California before working in entertainment.

    4. She co-produced and wrote for Burn Notice. Who knows what this show was actually about, but if you turned on USA at any given moment from 2007-13, it was probably on.

    5. She’s married to screenwriter Jonathan Nolan. Not that it matters who a woman is married to (or if she’s married at all), but it’s pretty neat that Joy’s brother-in-law Christopher was nominated for an Oscar for best director for Dunkirk. She’s, like, two degrees removed from Harry Styles.


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