Five perspectives on that little thing called rush

    Last year, a few weeks after Recruitment ended, three freshmen wrote about their experiences with sorority rush.

    Recruitment begins Thursday night at 7 p.m. for the women in this year’s freshman class. Just as in years before them, they will undergo six nights of rush — meeting, greeting and striking up small talk with current sorority members — before receiving a bid. Some will accept their bid and go on to pledge any one of the 12 campus sorority chapters. Some will drop out of Recruitment before bid night.

    A year after rush, our writers reflect on their decisions to pledge or not pledge, to drop out or stick it through.

    Fraternities, meanwhile, began offering bids last Tuesday evening, and Recruitment will continue through Jan. 10. Two writers discuss the decisions they made last year — to join or to not join a fraternity — and why that choice was right for them.


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