5 songs DM should have chosen for the 30-hour dance

    Out of all the songs Dance Marathon could have picked to revisit numerous times over its 30 hour duration, they chose the generically produced “International Love,” a track that features both Pitbull’s brutally unoriginal rapping and Chris Brown’s obnoxious whine. If I had the privilege of choosing this year’s song, dancers would at least have something more amusing, if not more musically stimulating, to look forward to for each repetition of the 30 hour dance. The following are my top five proposals:

    “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye

    Okay, I know dancing for more than a day is an intense physical struggle and that some people might want something loud and fast to help motivate them through the pain, but honestly, what’s more motivating than knowing in just an hour you are guaranteed a chance to get it on? I think most college kids would appreciate revisiting the ultimate slow jam time and time again over the course of their heroic endeavor as a reward for their caring contributions. Technically there’s only one block for dirty dancing, but I think DM could make nine small exceptions.

    “Rack City” by Tyga

    I actually hate this song, but I know a ton of people at Northwestern who love it. I know one person who loves it so much that she flashed a DJ at an anonymous location just so he would play the song again. Yeah, DM is raising money for charity, but they should give the philanthropists something they want, since they’re putting their physical and academic well being on the line.

    “Single Ladies” by Beyonce

    There’s actually a dance to this song that lots of people really, really want to learn, regardless of whether or not they stand a chance at succeeding. “Single Ladies” would be an obvious choice and frankly I’m surprised it wasn’t this year’s song.

    "My Moment" by Rebecca Black

    Rebecca Black represents a milestone reached by the music industry in the past year: the ability to make complete crap extremely profitable. I think it’s only fair to give the girl a chance to continue shaping the business by promoting her less successful second single. If the committee didn’t want to go with “My Moment,” I’d suggest “Friday,” because the infuriating catchiness of this song would propel struggling dancers to DM’s end.

    “Nyan Cat / Never Gonna Give You Up" Medley

    Self-explanatory: a fantastic compilation of some of the best trolling methods the Internet has to offer.


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