Flagler, Kottenstette talk platforms in student life VP debate
    Photo by Megan Thielking / North by Northwestern.

    ASG student life vice presidential candidates Anna Kottenstette and Harrison Flagler spoke in a debate in the McCormick Tribune Center Forum on Thursday evening. The debate was moderated by current ASG Sen. Ian Coley and attended by approximately 35 students.

    Each candidate gave an opening statement, followed by a round of questions answered by each candidate with an opportunity for rebuttal. The debate closed with a lightning round of questions and closing statements. 

    Kottenstette's platform is a combination of integration, collaboration and facilitation. The integration of student ideas and administration resources, collaboration with students groups and faciliation of open dialogue between ASG and the administration are all key, she said. 

    “I have an inside look at how Northwestern works and how students really look at administration,” Kottenstette said. The Communication junior has worked with ASG for four quarters and has held seats on the University Parking, Athletics and Residential Services committees. When asked about what qualified her over Flagler, Kottenstette emphasized this experience. This experience has helped Kottenstette to foster strong relationships with the administration, she said. 

    Flagler's platform was based on ASG "reaching out to the student body as much as we can." As an ASG senator, Flagler worked on a Chabad transparency initiative during the recent Chabad controversy and participated in a touring group that aimed to make improvements in residential buildings on campus.

    The candidates were asked about their stances on and plans for the alcohol policy.

    "No one really knows for sure where the lines are," Kottenstette said of alcohol policy. Her plan to change it would include implementing third-party risk management, increasing transparency in the wording of the policy and continuing the dialogue between the administration and students.

    Flagler said that while we've seen "great changes" in the alcohol policy, a stronger dialogue should be fostered among ASG, students and the administration "so that we can have greater transparency in talking about this."

    The candidates also addressed sustainability, collaborative and diversity and inclusion plans to work with student groups and the administration. 


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