FlashForward: "137 Sekunden"

    The third episode of FlashForward sees the world grappling for answers. People are beginning to take these visions as set in stone. Benford is obsessively looking for answers and possibly crossing the line.


    • “So the earth farted and we all blacked out.” This is the most viable explanation for the blackouts, clearly.
    • Interracial love: John Cho and Gabrielle Union.
    • We gave the world Britney Spears. The dialogue in this show, while repetitive and cheesy at times, definitely has its shining zingers.
    • Janis being the voice of reason in this episode. Seriously, Benford acts like this is a decision between watermelon gushers or tropical ones.
    • Courtney B. Vance’s oratory skills. He sure loves the word “damn.”


    • A former Nazi, one that lacks regret for his actions, having the key to the blackouts is very scary to me.
    • Benford actually considering letting the mass murderer Nazi go and dropping all his charges for answers. How far will this guy go for answers?
    • In the first three episodes, there have been two rather robust guys in underwear. This time is different, though, with a guy dancing to “My Funky Shoes.” This would be a pro, but he followed up with calling John Cho “homeslice” and letting in the murderous Nazi in his flashforward.
    • Of course, Benford gets played by the crafty, yellow-toothed, balding Nazi. Who didn’t see that coming?
    • People acting on the idea that these visions are absolute, like there is no free will and choice anymore. That is not a fun way to live life.
    • What about the crows?
    • I am left with so many more questions than when I started out. Did a FlashForward already happen in Somalia? Why are the crows effected? Who is the scar-faced little boy and why was he still awake? Will John Cho die? Is anybody else watching this show?


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