FlashForward: "No More Good Days"

    I am a science fiction junkie; no other genre of entertainment floats my boat like the one in which anything can happen. Seriously, anything can happen, will happen or has happened in the science fiction realm. Any genre that brings us Jabba the Hut, Spock and ninja robots has to be good. So when ABC announced its plans to create a series out of Robert J. Sawyers novel, FlashForward, I had to watch — even if it was on during The Office.


    So the pilot, titled “No More Good Days,” got down to the nitty gritty fast. It was just a beautiful L.A. morning, our characters doing their usual, everyday routines — having a car chase with suspected terrorists, about to perform surgery, having sex with a hot Latino boyfriend while the child that is being babysat is upstairs asleep with the door open, about to commit suicide on Venice Beach. Foxy Shazaam! Seven billion people in the world black out for two minutes and 17 seconds. But this isn’t your average mass power nap. Some people seemed to have seen six months into the future, the exact date being April 29, 2010.

    Then everyone wakes up to chaos: people dead from sleeping car accidents, plane crashes into buildings — too soon anyone? — looters, even a lone kangaroo hopping through the streets. The scene looks like the “You know it’s the Apocolypse when…” manual.

    Now its time for the aftermath, figuring out what happened? Who did it? Was it Russia? Will it happen again? And most importantly will the flashforward’s come true no matter how devastating?


    • Oranges rolling around. That is always what I want to wake up, upside down in a car, to.
    • The chaos going on. How did the man in the bug catch on fire? Why are you people just watching him burn to death?
    • The babysitter hooking up with her boyfriend on the couch while Charlie, the child she’s supposed to be looking after, is asleep upstairs. That happens in real life.
    • One kangaroo hopping around L.A. and a man in his underwear wandering around. That’s the moment when I would freak out — lone kangarros in the city mean one thing: zombies.
    • Seth McFarlane’s serious acting. And John Cho.


    • Starting out the story with the main character in the middle of chaos. It’s been done before, on an ABC show called Lost.
    • Suspenseful music and flashing between all the plotlines. Cannot compute all these emotions at once.
    • Numerology, 4.29.2010. What does it all mean? Stop it with the numbers, I don’t watch TV to think.
    • Disembodied children’s voices.

    All in all, I feel like this show has potential. This show seems like it’s for the people that got lost in Lost’s plotline, but I’m eager to see what’s going to happen next. Hopefully it won’t take three seasons for the questions to be answered.


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