Folk singer Joshua Radin to perform at NU free concert

    When Joshua Radin graduated from Northwestern with a major in art, he probably didn’t expect that he would one day come back to his alma mater as an up-and-coming folk artist.

    But Radin will perform at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall at 8:30 p.m. on March 1, in a concert organized by A&O Productions.

    Radin performing. Photo by Janet Dancer on Flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons.

    The event, funded by the Northwestern Alumni Association, will be free for students, who can retrieve as many as four tickets per WildCARD at the Norris Box Office beginning 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

    Although Radin might not be a household name, his music has been featured in several movies and shows, most notably Scrubs, whose main actor, Zach Braff, was Radin’s close friend when they attended Northwestern.

    “Zach Braff put his [songs] in Scrubs and in his movie The Last Kiss,” said A&O Promotions and Public Relations Co-Chair Katie Halpern. “Actually, Zach Braff plays the triangle for one of his singles, ‘Today.’”

    “A lot of [Radin's] tracks are things that you’ve heard before and just didn’t attribute it to the name,” the Weinberg junior added.

    Promotions and Public Relations Co-Chair Barry McCardel said he was “surprised at how popular” Radin already was at Northwestern.

    “Hopefully he’ll be another act where some people may not know about him, but when people start hearing about him, they’ll listen to him and really like him,” the Communication sophomore said.

    “Radin’s stuff is popping up everywhere, it’s spreading like wildfire,” Halpern added.

    McCardel drew a parallel between Radin and Andrew Bird, who performed at Northwestern in 2007.

    “When we were going over possible alumni we could bring, someone drew the comparison to Andrew Bird that we brought two years ago and how he was in a similar phase: Northwestern alumnus, singer-songwriter, very up-and-coming, sort of folk-y guy,” he said.

    Halpern said that the performance’s proximity to Demetri Martin’s Feb. 26 appearance would not affect enthusiasm for Radin’s concert:

    “I’ll say, you can never have too much fun, right?”


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