Fewer than 500 Death Cab tickets still available after first day of sales, A&O says

    First updated: 2:06 p.m. today
    Latest update: 7:35 p.m.

    After the first day of sales, fewer than 500 tickets for Death Cab for Cutie are still available for purchase, according to an A&O spokesman.

    A line of students stretched around the box office to the Dittmar Gallery early Monday morning. Many had been waiting since 7 a.m., when the Norris University Center opened. When Norris Box Office closed, A&O had sold over 1500 tickets — it’s biggest single-day yield since its Kanye West concert in 2005, according to Barry McCardel, co-director of promotions and public relations.

    More than half the tickets for the show were sold within three hours of becoming available, McCardel said. It took a full day for the same amount of tickets to be sold for the Counting Crows, the last A&O-sponsored concert.

    McCardel said Sunday night that the student production company would be “ready for anything” ahead of the sales. Last year, after tickets for both B.J. Novak and Flight of the Conchords sold out within an hour of becoming available, tickets for the Counting Crows in the spring didn’t end up selling out.

    Counting Crows were at a much bigger venue than Flight of the Conchords and B.J. Novak: The Riviera in Chicago, where Death Cab will also perform. The venue can accommodate 2,000 people.

    Tickets for the Oct. 10 show cost $15 for undergraduates and $20 for graduate students. Students can buy up to four tickets per WildCARD, and bring one WildCARD per person.

    Kelli Greenberg contributed reporting.


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