Freshman housing guide 2009

    Check out the updated housing guide for the Class of 2014.

    We’re pleased to bring back our housing guide for another year! We’ve updated it with new videos, photos and responses from dorm residents, and will be adding more content and features throughout the week. For now, go ahead and get exploring:

    Update, 5/19: You can now see which dorms are near what academic buildings and classes; we also added new videos for CCS and Chapin. Previously, we also added a feature that lets you compare the size of a typical room from each dorm.

    Need some advice? Check out one writer’s take on what to consider when it comes to housing.

    Reporting by Lana Birbrair, Ellen Cooper, Tania Karas, Dana Molina, Patrick St. Michel, Noreen Nasir and Jamie Wiebe / North by Northwestern. Photography by Emily Chow, Jessica Chen, Vanessa Dopker, Lana Birbrair, Emily Kellner, Julie Beck, Ellie Ryan, John Meguerian, Max Brawer and Katherine Shaum / North by Northwestern. Video by Lana Birbrair, Jackie Burns, Nick Castele, Alex Campbell, Ellen Cooper, Hannah Fraser-Chanpong, Lisa Gartner and Noreen Nasir / North by Northwestern. Copy Editing by Megan Friedman and Lindsey Kratochwill / North by Northwestern. Design and Graphics by Alice Truong, Tom Giratikanon and Sisi Wei / North by Northwestern. Production by Tom Giratikanon and Sisi Wei / North by Northwestern.

    Clarification — Allison Hall originally did not show up when “air conditioning” was selected as an important amenity. Thanks to EE for pointing out the problem.


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