From Skol to Svedka

    Skittles Vodka

    To taste the rainbow and hopefully not much vodka, you’re going to need two 14 ounce bags of original Skittles. Before you can start taking shots, there’s going to be a little grunt work. Separate the two bags by colors (each color will make a fifth of flavored vodka). Empty five vodka bottles and place the Skittles into each one. Replace the vodka and shake well. Here’s the hard part: wait a full day to let the skittles dissolve sufficiently. Then, filter using a couple of coffee filters. Opa!

    Use a Brita water filter

    While you may have thought about it, you probably never considered actually trying it. But pouring shitty vodka through a regular water filter actually does make it taste noticeably better. All you need is Brita water pitcher with built in filter, bad vodka and a little patience – filter at least three times, and you can tell your guests it’s Grey Goose. Oh, and don’t use that filter for water afterward.

    Vodka Soaked Fruit

    Get your drank on and some vitamins at the same time. We’ve taken a sample of common fruits, submerged them in vodka for 10 to 15 minutes and scored the results. (Use a glass bowl. Plastic or metal will affect the taste.)
    Best: Apple, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Mango
    Worst: Strawberry, Orange, Honeydew, Pears


    If college is the last time we can actually get away with acting like kids, shouldn’t we drink like them too? Andrew Twarogowski, Jimmy Sisson and Art Bryan of The Redhead Piano Bar have helped us recreate some childhood favorites with a very adult twist. It’s like you’re a kid again – or at least a kid with a drinking habit.

    Sunny Delight

    • 1 count Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka
    • 1 count Tangerine Schnapps
    • 1 count Mango Schnapps
    • Splash of pineapple juice
    • Splash of orange juice

    Hawaiian Punch

    • 1 part Cherry Vodka
    • 1 part Passion Fruit Rum
    • 1 part Mango Rum
    • 1 part Pineapple Rum
    • 1/2 parts orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine

        Fruit Punch

        • 1 count Cherry Vodka
        • 1 count Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum
        • 1/2 count Red Apple Schnapps
        • 1/2 count pineapple juice

            Grape Kool-Aid

            • 2 parts Skyy Infusions Grape Vodka
            • 1 part Sprite
            • 1/2 part Raspberry Liqueur

                Chocolate Milk

                • 1 part Stolichnaya Vanil Vodka
                • 1 part Godiva Original Dark Chocolate Liqueur
                • 1/2 part half & half
                • A splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur


                Essentials of a well-stocked bar

                Leave the Busch Light and the jungle juice to the frats. If you are lucky enough to be 21 or have a passable fake ID, you have no excuse to not have a good selection of liquor. Art Bryan, owner of The Redhead Piano Bar, says you just need a few items to turn any bar into a refined drinker’s haven.

                First, you’ll need a good (read: not Skol) vodka: “Whether it’s Grey Goose or Ketel One, you need something that is better than the well,” Bryan says. Along with one expensive-ish vodka, any host should have a decent bottle of tequila. “You don’t have to spend the money on Patron, but 1800 is good.” A good rum will round out your liquor essentials.

                Mixers can be broken down into three categories: juices, mixes and sodas. Bryan says that the three basic juices for mixing are orange, cranberry and pineapple. Be sure to grab some sour mix and lime mix, and have tonic, cola, diet cola and 7 UP on hand.

                For beer and wine, Bryan suggests keeping it simple. “In addition to your liquor bar, always have a Pinot Grigio, Riesling or unobtrusive Chardonnay, and a decent pilsner or lager beer on hand.”


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