Frontera Fresco to replace Sbarro, Jamba, crepes in Norris

    Mexican American bistro Frontera Fresco will move into the ground floor of Norris University Center in late October, the University announced in a press release Monday. The Brainchild of Chicago-based restaurant mogul and Top Chef Master Rick Bayless, the new eatery will take up space formerly occupied by Sbarro, Jamba Juice and Crepe Bistro. nuSushi, along with newcomer North Shore Pizza Company, will move into the Paws n' Go convenience store on the ground floor.

    The restaurant's specialty will be a wide range of Mexican delicacies including tacos, soups, salads and seasonal dishes. And while students may still be reeling at the loss of their on-the-go crepes and smoothies, the University assures that Frontera will offer "a greater variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings than the existing campus dining scene," including a station for "pastries, smoothies, ice cream and a make-your-own parfait bar" where Crepe Bistro had been. 

    "It's a new concept that we're developing for Northwestern and we're really excited about it," said Stacy Dixon, Frontera's director of development and marketing. "With this additional sweets component, it's really kind of a one-stop shop where you can come back may times during the day and have something different each time."

    According to Vice President of Student Affairs Patricia Telles-Irvin, the University spent three months arranging the deal with Frontera before making the announcement. 

    "Our students are savvy about food, and want a quality experience," Telles-Irvin said. "All that Rick Bayless does – using locally sourced and organic products, high standards, and his commitment to outstanding food –is perfect for our environment.”

    Norris' Aug. 22 announcement sent shockwaves through Northwestern's crepe-loving community. But the University believes Frontera will fill the school's dessert void, and then some.


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