Frozen blueberry lemonade

    that year went by so fast, didn’t it? —
    I made so many mistakes and they will
    seem unforgivable for a while
    however, it still seemed so right,
    so wonderful

    just like the frozen blueberry lemonades
    sweating in our clutched hands
    needing coolness in the heat
    of the sun so harsh and yet so welcome

    sitting on that hillside on a waning June afternoon,
    we remembered the blizzard,
    our entire bottom halves buried in a snow bank,
    drinking home-made snow cones
    with raspberry lemonade

    wind and snow and ice hitting our faces
    while we smiled and drank our cones
    now the sun is hitting our faces instead
    and we have straws this time

    so much changed between raspberry and blueberry lemonades.
    so much fear and stress and
    love and defeat and purpose
    and feeling and feeling and feeling

    and raspberry and blueberry have quite different tastes -
    raspberries are sweet, while blueberries are more tart
    I guess.
    I wonder if that will matter to this story in the future,
    and I wonder if it matters now.

    in that moment,
    on that hillside in the sun
    and feeling the freedom of a year coming to a close
    we were also wondering —
    where do butterflies sleep?


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