Glee: "Ballad"

    As an education major, I tend to freak out when I hear of forbidden teacher-student relationships, real or not. Yet in Glee, it was surprisingly entertaining (not to mention frightening) to watch Rachel pine for Will, and then to see Will take appropriate precautions — thank you boundaries! And yes, this does actually happen. And it’s awkward.

    This episode had a lot of singing and a lot of drama, so basically I was a happy camper. We meet Quinn’s (blond) parents, a former student who used to be in love with Will (warning: it’s creepy!), some moments between Kurt and Finn, a baby confession, three karaoke songs, an intense fight, and two bitchy scenes with Terri — one’s funny though. Finn shows his true colors, and the glee club shows their solidarity and support for Quinn and Finn. And of course, everything is solved by 8:57 CST.

    Predictions: Well, at least one person knows that Finn isn’t the baby daddy. Considering how solid the glee club is, the baby-daddy drama may not be as bad as I may have thought. I just hope Sue will be back next week.

    Music Tip: I tend to melt when Artie starts to sing, and especially when he riffs. His riffs during “Lean on Me” were simple, eloquent and not overstated. Also, it was refreshing to hear Will actually sing rather than rap. I love his rapping skills, but he’s been on Broadway multiple times, and this episode we really got to see why — to be honest, I was swooning almost as much as Emma and Rachel.


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