Glee: "Blame it on the Alcohol"

    I guess we should blame it on the alcohol — there’s enough in this episode fit for Mad Men. Apparently, McKinley High has a problem with booze — Figgins calls for Alcohol Awareness Week so the suspensions due to intoxication can go down. And who will perform at the assembly? The glee club, of course!

    However, not everyone in the club has gotten their drank on before, so that has to be fixed. Rachel’s dads are out of town so she has a swingers-esque party (where she wears a mint green frock) for the club. She’s new to drinking, so Finn goes around showing her what types of drunk there are — she’s needy, clingy drunk. Spin the bottle is played (like there isn’t enough incest already) and Rachel kisses Blaine. And poof: drunk fireworks.

    Bieste takes Will out to a hoedown and gets him smashed, which results in a key drunk call that is revealed later. They sing (surprisingly about alcohol), and they’re actually adorable as besties. At the assembly, Brittany sings “Tik Tok,” and then throws up on Rachel, so New Directions won’t be going in the direction of alcoholism just yet. To help, Will decides to quit drinking and has the club sign pledges with his cell number just in case. It was actually a smart move on his part as a teacher — I think the trust level just went up.

    High notes:

  • Kurt’s party dance
  • Brittany becomes stripper drunk
  • Santana becomes emotional drunk
  • Low notes:

  • Bloody Marys out of a thermos as a hangover helper
  • Brittany vomiting…and it looked like gray paint
  • Sue
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