Glee: “Home”

    April (Kristin Chenoweth) is back. So is Jesse — but he doesn’t say or sing anything. There’s some crying, and Kurt sings his own song but also tries to manipulate his relationship with Finn and the relationship of their parents. (Yes, Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom start dating.) There’s more crying, and Sue gets interviewed because she’s an all-star, and then lies to the face of the interviewer about keeping up self-image in the Cheerios. There are some duets, and no sign of Emma — so April tries to get with Will.

    Music Tip: Albums usually contain multiple tracks, often ranging in genre. Unfortunately, this week’s episode didn’t have this same variety. Whereas other episodes mix rock, pop and hip hop, this episode really emphasized the ballad. And no, not like the “Ballad” mash-up episode, but slow songs that just weren’t that memorable. It helps to have a variety in albums, or in this case, episodes. It keeps audiences hooked, while also showing how versatile the performers can be.


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