Glee: "Preggers"

    Ah, the power of dance. While the fourth installment of Glee started out a little slowly, it certainly shaped up to the past three episodes by the musical and dancing styles of Beyoncé. There’s not much singing, but we see Coach Sylvester’s new segment (“Sue’s Corner”) on the local news station, a new and more flamboyant twist on football, some new confidence in some characters (Tina and Kurt) and a little too much confidence (cough — Rachel).

    Total props to Kurt, too. He has done so much in the past two episodes and has been fantastic at it too. He goes from “Single Ladies” attire to a football jersey, rocking the outfits and the skills. Speaking of dancing, watching a new “Super Bowl Shuffle” very much made my night. And as an education major, it was pretty cool watching a Spanish teacher teach dancing to said football players. It seems most of the school is now joining the glee club.

    Predictions: Soo much happened in this episode — love and personal-problem triangles galore! I definitely think that Finn and Quinn’s relationship will soon be on the rocks, considering Finn is not the dad. Yet the baby may be saved by Terri — whatever the outcome will be, it will be messy. On a less messy note: Regionals, meet New Directions. With the addition of three football players (and hopefully the rest will join next week), the glee club will soon become a show choir.

    Music Tips: Tina sounded awesome while singing “Tonight”. If you noticed, her last note was a little off and there wasn’t much sound. To prevent this, just add a little “kick,” or just some more air. Adding air will add more support, and make notes sound more the same because they are supported more equally.


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