Glee: "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle"

    Glee is back, and in the few months sans Glee, nothing has changed that much: Sue thinks of her needs before her students’, Karofsky doesn’t want to be a part of anything musical, Kurt is possibly in a relationship with Blaine (or at least they’re inseparable on camera), and Schuester wants to perform 80s classics.

    The New Directions perform a Thriller/Heads Will Roll mash-up on a special episode of Glee following the Super Bowl. Photo by Adam Rose, courtesy of FOX

    What’s different this week is that Sue wants Brittany to be a human cannonball in order to win nationals, has some major anger issues set to Carmina Burana, and has the Cheerios’ competition the same night as the football teams’. The dilemma continues: with no cheerleaders, there’s basically no football game. So Beiste and Schuester agree to team up the football players with the glee club for the halftime show. Karofsky is still angry with this, even though he can actually dance. However, he realizes (just in time) that in order to play football he needs to participate in the halftime show’s “Thriller”/ “Heads Will Roll” mash-up done by the new glee-football team — apparently one halftime mash-up isn’t enough for one night.

    There’s a cover of The Zombies as well as an all-male cover of Destiny’s Child, a cameo appearance by Katie Couric and an unexpected kiss from former lovers — hopefully to be continued on Tuesday!


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