Glee: "Throwdown"


    It was on in this episode. Sue and Will fought over the club, fought with each other in front of the club, and even fought in their voice overs. Thanks to Jacob Ben Israel — the awkwardly hormonal “journalist” creepily obsessed with Rachel — Sue now knows that Quinn is pregnant, so Quinn’s cheerleading career is virtually over. Evidently Quinn is also the Diana Ross diva, getting a chance to sing You Keep Me Hanging On, yet with more than two background singers (she also sounds like what Britney Spears would probably sound like if she didn’t fry her voice). In other scenes, Terri and her sister blackmail the gynecologist to pretend that she’s pregnant to Will. Sue breaks up the club and chooses all of the “minorities” in her group so she’ll look more like a human. Also, Carmina Burana — that crazy and intimidating choral piece played a few times — was used during the cold war quarrels of the co-chairs of New Directions. Yet at the end of the day, Sue dropped down from co-chair because it was “too fruity,” and Finn wants to keep the kid (and name him Drizzle). We didn’t see much of the other characters, unfortunately, but we did get an awesome solo from Mercedes (Hate on Me), and some amusing chair-dancing from Kurt. And props: Glee has finally made up for the lack of singing in this episode, with five new songs.


    Although Emma was only in the recap, she will be back next week actually counseling the students. It seems that there’s a new kid on the block, and he’s not a fan of the gleeks. Personally, I am ready for Finn to find out that he’s not the baby-daddy, to see how Emma and Ken’s “marriage” is, Finn to hook-up with Rachel and Will to leave Terri for Emma…major drama to come.

    Music Tip

    Despite what we see on Glee, sight reading doesn’t always sound that good — it tends to take rehearsals and practice to get there. In the real world, they would sound more like their “covert jam session.” Don’t worry, they’re still fantastic, and I’m rooting for them all the way.


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