Glee: "Vitamin D"


    Sue’s back! Better than ever, off to work with the glee club starting next week (good luck!) and has a secret journal named Journal? Finn “officially” has feelings for both Quinn and Rachel, which could turn ugly considering their new almost-friendship. Ken asked Emma to marry him (with the sweetest proposal), and Emma said yes but wants to live separately and not see each other outside of school (huh?). And surprise, surprise, Terri’s still a bitch. She started working as the school nurse, sans a nursing degree. Honestly, I just want her stomach-pillow to fall out every time she walks on screen. At least Will stood up against her, finally. There’s some awesome singing and dancing, and I might have fallen in love with Kevin McHale’s (Artie — guy in the wheelchair) voice during the guys’ number.


    Sue will now be working with the glee club. As seen on the commercial, it’ll be a tough fight between Will and Sue. I predict that it’ll be a bit more than just that, considering Sue’s track record with blackmail. Now that we’ve seen how manipulative Terri can be, I think some baby/romance/Will and Emma drama will be happening.

    Music tips

    The mash-up contest was a brilliant idea, with the exception of the use of pseudoephedrine to help with alertness. Rearranging a song completely revitalizes it, and mashing it up with another, even better! Just look at Kanye’s “Gold digger,” Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump It” and Linkin Park/Jay-Z’s “Numb Encore.”


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