Glee: "Wheels"


    Although this episode starts with what looks like Bring It On on crack, it’s actually less focused on the comedy and more focused on the lack of diversity in the school’s extracurricular activities. We see Brittany (the blonde cheerleader who doesn’t do much) actually talk, a pretty awesome diva-off between Kurt and Rachel, a messy baking scene between two former lovers, a kiss between new ones (I hope!), a huge fist fight between best friends, and a number on wheelchairs (“Proud Mary”). We also see into Sue’s life. I won’t give it away, but it did make me tear up a little bit.

    Music Tip:

    I love Kurt and Artie’s voices. Not to say that the others’ aren’t amazing, it’s just refreshing to see what the rest of the cast can do. And they’ve got really great voices: Artie has a poppy, glottal and smooth baritone that could scream teeny-bopper boy band, and Kurt’s simple voice easily mixes into falsetto as smooth as Mika or Freddie Mercury. They’re both simple, easy to listen to, and sang songs that really complemented their voices.


    Quinn needs to come clean about the baby — now. This episode was all about Puck trying to act like a father, and Quinn bitching at Finn about lacking in the future-father department. I also think that Finn has some potential in being a mechanic, so maybe he’ll have a job with Kurt’s dad once his employers figure out he can walk (which could be awkward). And thanks, Glee — you made me wait for two weeks and now no sign of Emma and Will? I can only hope for next week.


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