Gone Greek: "Dearly Beloved"

    It has been a long time since Greek had an episode overflowing with twists and turns like “Dearly Beloved.” Let’s get to the good stuff (spoilers ahead, obviously), and I’ll save the usual opening rant for next week (Sorry, you’ll have to wait seven days to hear my lecture on “Lesbians in Greek: Great or Greatest?”).


    Casey’s grand-big sister Kiki is coming back to campus for her wedding, and the ZBZ house is plunged into preparation as a result. Max reveals to Casey that he chose her over Cal Tech, which freaks her out mightily. But not as much as when he gets down on one knee to… give her a random piece of jewelry (twist!). Jordan asks Rusty to be her wedding date since Andy is out of town, and the two bond over allergies and needle-phobia. This leads to a kiss outside her dorm room thatmakes things awkward, which then leads to a reconciliation at the actual wedding, which leads to a dance that leads to another kiss that shoots the awkwardness level up like five levels (twist!!). Rebecca kisses a girl, and begins thinking she might be a lesbian (twist!!!). Cappie tries to score with the lady Rebecca macked with, but gets shot down because she’s a lesbian and all.

    Representations of College

    - Geez, tonight’s episode was like looking into some sort of crazy crystal ball I had no desire to stare into. I already know a handful of people engaged while still in college, and it’s legitimately insane. Congratulations to them, but the thought of it boggles my mind… probably because I’ve never been in a relationship that’s gone far enough to be asked to a formal. Sigh. But yeah, good work Greek, you showed how nutty weddings make college kids.

    - The ZBZ sisters did a “candle pass,” which is a weird sorority tradition where candles are passed and big announcements are made. My sources inside the NU sorority system told me about this practice, though I don’t know how accurate the ABC Family version of it was. Do you girls sing stupid songs while doing it?

    - Faux-lesbianism – college kids love it!

    Bad Writing Round-Up

    - Not a knock against the writers, but the people behind tonight’s wardrobe: What in the world was Ashleigh wearing for most of this episode? It was a shirt with a rainbow on one shoulder and a big, puffy cloud on the other. Nobody even commented on this fashion atrocity. Heck, I wear this shirt regularly, yet I still feel confident in saying Ashleigh’s dress was ugly.

    - Kiki’s groom was named Charlie German. I realize John Matrix was already taken, but couldn’t they have tried a little bit harder?

    - Greek just really needs to stop making dick jokes of any type. They don’t handle them like the true visionaries of the field do.

    Greek Tweet of the Week

    “Lez-be-honest… GREEK IS ON!” Thanks pdpatterson for this clever joke!

    Closing Question

    How impressed are you the writers didn’t fall back on a Katy Perry joke tonight?


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