Gone Greek: "Divine Secrets & the ZBZ Sisterhood"

    Greek’s recent foray into faux-lesbianism came to an end tonight when Rebecca, who has been grappling with whether she likes boys or girls, decided “yep, it’s boys.” It closed one of the stranger storylines the show has ever presented, an odd combination of “what should we do with this character” syndrome mixed with a “The More You Know” commercial. Not to say the topic should be ignored — I know more than a few girls who love locking lips with other girls for the purpose of “having an experience.”

    But in the end, the storyline was pretty worthless. Greek is one of the few shows that doesn’t make a huge deal about gay issues, opting instead to treat gay characters like everyone else. Sure, the show has fallen for those after school special-worthy moments before, but they usually approach the gay characters (read: Calvin) as just normal people with normal problems. The show has even been nominated for GLAAD awards. The recent Rebecca plot didn’t have that same subtlety (shots of women kissing will do that) and didn’t seem as sincere as what the writers usually pull off with Calvin. So yeah, glad that’s over with.


    Everyone is mad at Rusty for being a “douche-mover” after what he did to Andy, especially Cappie. In order to get into his good graces again, Rusty attempts to unearth a secret society on campus, one with which Cappie used to be obsessed. Surely, Cappie won’t hate Rusty if he discovers its existence! Elsewhere, a bunch of girls from the IKI house want to come back to ZBZ, but Casey isn’t sure what to do, as Frannie sure has had it rough recently. Rebecca confronts her lesbian feelings, while Calvin hits on a straight guy due to their shared love of the…uh, Detroit Lions.

    Representations of College

    - Secret societies do actually exist (or…do they???), though I’m not sure how many of them actually wear Jawa robes. Did you know Northwestern has a secret society, Deru? Now guess how many people actually care about what they do. Hint: rhymes with “hero…”

    - I have never actually met a serious Detroit Lions fan in college. Yeah, I’ve met people from Detroit who are all “woo, go Lions” but never someone who actually is attached to the team in a serious way. Maybe they are hiding in shame.

    - Rusty goes on a Cyprus Rhodes message board to look up info on the secret society. First, nobody outside of Yale would care about a secret society enough to post on a message board about it. Second, any college-related message board usually ends up like College ACB, which recent topics include…lets see here…”Uncircumcised Frat Guys.”

    Bad Writing Round-Up

    - The whole episode had a fan fiction vibe going through it, with Rusty and Dale going on a weird adventure (plus, the whole lesbian thing). Otherwise, a pretty solid night!

    Greek Tweet of the Night

    “Greek was great tonight! =D There has not been enough Cappie this season. Cappie/Evan = One True Bromance. Y/Y? ” Answer atlanticwasborn’s question, if you dare.

    Closing Question

    How many times did they use the word “douche” tonight?


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