Gone Greek: "Engendered Species"

    Is Fisher, one of the newest characters to enter the Greek-verse, also the worst? Played by Andrew J. West, Fisher became ZBZ’s new cook-janitor person (I’m not positive what his official position is). He’s uninteresting. So uninteresting, in fact, I’m struggling to find anything of remote interest to write about him. He’s just another one of the bland twenty-somethings who happen to be good-looking that tend to exist in abundance in the ABC Family studios. What separates Fisher from the male cast of Roommates, however, is his backstory. He’s been fired from his last three jobs because the girls he works for are, gasp, so attracted to him he ends up getting fired. What a terrible affliction, having too many girls chasing after you.

    Fisher’s pretty much the anti-Max, and even makes Cappie look like a dynamic character. He rides a motorcycle, he’s attractive but has “issues,” and he’s got facial stubble. He’s beyond generic, and worst of all, adds nothing. Barring a bizarre twist (always possible with this show), he’s nothing but a boyfriend filler for the one character who didn’t have a romantic link (I don’t even need to spoil it, the answer’s so easy) and eye candy to viewers who think Jesse McCartney is “too young.” Hot-ness Monster make room, you have company in the pantheon of terrible Greek characters.


    Casey has gotten sick and tired of seeing her current squeeze, Max, and her ex, Cappie, hate each other’s guts. She hatches a plan to get them to tolerate one another, much to their displeasure. Rusty meets a girl in his art history class and falls for her; he manages to become her private tutor for the class, and the two grow close. He invites her to a Kappa Tau party, with the full intention of “making a move” on her, but his bud Jesse McCartney inadvertently gets to her first. Rusty gets depressed after seeing the two locking lips. DBZ hires a guy to help do stuff around the house (the aforementioned Fisher) and every girl in the house becomes a drooling idiot at the prospect of knocking boots with him. But he only has eyes…for Ashleigh.

    Representations of College

    - Casey attempts to “take class seriously this time” by reading The Washington Post before her first lecture. I love it when students vow to “take it more seriously this time” only to regress to their old, procrastinating ways before the midterm. I’ve done it every quarter of my college career!

    - Ugggggh, every season I end up relating to loveably pathetic Rusty, and this season won’t be any different. His whole romantic arc this episode once again hit painfully close to home, from the terribly naive “the perfect moment will strike” mindset to watching the object of his affection hook up with someone else. Rusty’s a pretty darn good representation of the sad sack university dweeb, and unfortunately many of us (including myself) can say we’ve found ourselves in his shoes.

    Bad Writing Round-Up

    - Betsy asks Fisher, about his motorcycle, “Is it a big…fat…hog?” I think even the ABC Family censors could have found a more direct way of saying “how big’s your unit?”

    - Rusty’s creepy art history professor says “the Internet is where art goes to die.” I’m going to have to respectfully disagree.

    Greek Tweet of the Night

    “”Greek” really takes me back. Ahhh, jello shots, my old friends. I’ve missed you.” Thanks to Twitter user cookiebreak for that one!

    Closing Question

    What are the odds we get a Rusty, Dale and Calvin spinoff show where the three share an apartment, learning to deal with life and each other? Also, wouldn’t that be flippin’ sweet?


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