Gone Greek: "Formally Yours"

    In the most lopsided dilemma I’ve ever faced, I had to choose between watching the second presidential debate and tonight’s episode of Greek. Since I’m an absolute failure at being an American citizen I tuned into ABC Family. I blame the network itself… if they’re so interested in getting young people to vote via public service announcements, why not move Greek back a day?

    But tonight’s episode featured so many awesome moments that I’m actually okay with my choice (plus, I’m pretty set on whom I’m voting for and the only reason to watch would be to watch for a major mistake, and I think McCain is doing that splendidly already). “Formally Yours,” as you can guess, centers around the ZBZ formal, and featured all sorts of dramatic moments that quickly turned into “oh no he/she didn’t!” moments. Tough to dig into these moments without giving away too much (if you are a fan of this show, they really should be seen). But “Formally Yours” is probably the best episode of this season so far, and if you chose to watch Tom Brokaw suck as a moderator I urge you to watch it now and enjoy.

    Oh, hey, debates still on. McCain’s saying his “bomb bomb bomb Iran” line was a joke. Well, glad to see he’s still a dick.


    Time for the ZBZ Spring Formal, the perfect chance for Casey and Max to have a romantic time, and a great opportunity for Casey to earn some support for the upcoming house election. Max isn’t the coolest cucumber though, so Casey needs to prep him for the formal so he doesn’t come off so awkward. Of course, this fails. Rusty gets super excited about putting together the Kappa Tau prom, especially since he missed his prom back in high school, but gets his little heart broken when Cappie calls the event off. But Rusty’s fantasies are renewed thanks to… Ashleigh. Elsewhere, Cappie and Rebecca do it, and Evan continues to be the most evil person on the show.

    Representations of College

    - Being a formal-themed episode, a lot of the neat little details I could pick out would be related to sorority formals. One problem… I’ve wasted my four years of college blogging and have never been to one. Oh, the shame! Unless the RCB Formal counts (it doesn’t), I’m just going to assume Greek captured the sorority formal perfectly…

    -…except for one thing even a social-zero like myself noticed. The music played at the formal (slow songs excluded) would never be played at any sorority social gathering. You’d hear “Whatever You Like” and “SexyBack” for nostalga’s sake. This inaccurate musical selection can be blamed on the fact that Greek exists as a way to promote a very specific type of sound (boring people on guitars). Every ABC Family show does this actually, if you pay attention.

    - Man, Rusty’s “I didn’t go to prom in high school, I’m so sad” situation stung. Because that’s me. Really, Rusty’s entire story tonight hit pretty close to home. Sigh.

    Examples of Greekā€™s Bad Writing in Action

    - Cappie, at the start: “I need to find someone who can handle these duties. Heh…duties.” Huh huh hhuh, he said “duties.”

    - Worst visual gag of the night: After Rebecca takes her shirt off during her jog, the hose positioned strangely close to Cappie’s…uhhh, bathing suit area…starts spurting out water. Huh huh hhuh, he’s a guy.

    - One character slip up: Ashleigh speaks in Spanish at one point to the ZBZ housekeeper. She barely understands the English language, how could she grasp any other language?

    Closing question – What don’t you know, and how will you learn it?


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