Gone Greek: "Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays"

    The addition of nerdy-but-lovable Max to Greek has created some much-needed new plot directions for a show often bogged down by the same old relationship stories. More importantly, though, Max (and his blossoming relationship with Casey) opens up all sorts of exciting avenues in the surprisingly barren territory of Greek fan fiction.

    A cursory glance at FanFiction.net (otherwise known as the cesspool of the Web) reveals six pages of Greek fan fictions. This might seem like a lot to a normal person, but compared to the 12 pages of Alvin and the Chipmunks fan fiction (still a low number), it’s merely a blip on the horrible fanfic radar. A closer inspection reveals nothing but Cappie/Casey fluff pieces, revolving around so-so concepts like “Casey wakes up six years in the future,” “Cappie has leukemia” or “inspired by Good Charlotte.” Fan fiction is all about the cringe-worthy stories, where male characters suddenly develop passionate feelings for one another or the author becomes a prominent character. Greek fan fictions actually aren’t weird enough… I only count two Cappie/Rusty combos and a story where Casey and Frannie are “hiding in the bathroom together.” Strange, but not strange enough.

    That’s why Max is so great. The tyranny of Cappie/Casey stories can end in favor of Max/Casey, because they are just so adorable together. And think of all the bizarre combinations available to the creative minds of fanfic writers! Max and Cappie are so different… but they surely would come close together, right? Ashleigh is so dumb and Max so smart, a BDSM fic naturally must follow! And after Dale’s snippy attitude towards Max, a slash-fic about the two would be phenomenal.

    Make me proud, sad people of the Internet, make me proud.


    Casey fantasizes about being with Max, so she decided to turn to him for “astronomy tutoring.” Max doesn’t pick up on this at first, but eventually he realizes it and kisses her. Thing is, Casey thought he had a girlfriend, but turns out he doesn’t… It gets surprisingly emotional (for Greek) and everything ends happily for the two. Cappie and Rebecca deal with their recent split by going to strip clubs and eating cereal, respectively. Rusty must figure out the mystery of Kappa Tau student “Joshua Whopper,” who may just exist as product placement. Elsewhere, Calvin, Ashleigh, Rebecca and Calvin’s boyfriend go to a gay bar.

    Representations of College

    - The opening dream sequence features Casey and Max having a pretentious conversation about time. Hang around enough college kids, and you’ll eventually find yourself witnessing a similarly stupid discussion more appropriate in Boondock Saints. Looking at you, philosophy kids.

    - This whole episode has a lot of really sigh-inducing scenes. Dale getting his heart broken, Casey getting her heart broken, Max’s existence. College can be like that.

    - Hey, I almost failed a gender studies class too! Oh……

    Examples of Greek’s Bad Writing In Action

    - So many bad stereotypes in tonight’s episode. Max tutors the football team, so of course they are all howling neanderthals who run into one another to celebrate figuring a problem out. The nerds all dream about Stephen Hawking. The gay characters all say “fabulous” like a bad Jim Carey character. What’s next, a sorority girl with an I.Q. equal to a cantaloupe? Oh wait…

    - Speaking of, Ashleigh dropped this clunker: “You need a translator who can speak both greek and geek.” Hey, that rhymes! Hey, that’s still stupid!

    - During the “Joshua Whopper” flashback sequence, Rusty interrupts Cappie’s story, and the flashback freezes. This is as bad as having a turntable scratch stop the music in a movie trailer. Maybe worse. Maybe.

    Closing Question – A fan fiction about Dale crossing over into the world of Samurai Girl: yea or nay?


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