Gone Greek: "Hell Week"

    Note: Seeing as this was the season finale of Greek, it would only be natural for a blog about Greek to talk about all the spoilers present in said finale. You’ve been warned.

    Where to start? Well, this season finale featured a lot of twists. Like, enough twists for a season of Lost. So many twists I completely forgot about the worst two minutes of television I’ve seen since Baby Bob (when LC, of The Hills, visited Casey in a dream. No, this really happened). I realize a season finale is meant to simultaneously wrap up loose ends while introducing some new tidbits for next season, but “Hell Week” twisted so much that all the resolved story lines just popped open anew.

    Instead of rambling on about every single gotcha! moment, lets take the lazy way out and dole out some awards:

    Best Overall Twist — After the “Casey chooses a job over Max” twist, I assumed the writers would never mention the only purely likable character on this show again and just hammer “Casey-Cappie!?” for another three seasons. But then, right near the end, we see Max on the phone with some guy. Who could it be? Only time will tell!

    Worst Twist — God tells Dale that he and Rusty will one day be roommates again. God wouldn’t talk to anyone featured in the film Sexdrive. Only “fresh films” for God.

    Episode-Saving Twist — The Rusty-Omega Chi chase scene followed by sweet, sweet violence. Can erase any of the sour LC taste.

    Twistiest Twist — The last one, with Frannie and the big reveal. Didn’t see that coming.

    Most Lasting Twist — Oh god, they played one of my favorite artists, M83, during this episode. I don’t know how to feel.


    It’s hell week (read: hazing week) for the frats, and Rusty is all nervous the Kappa Taus won’t accept him, so he devises a plan that results in everyone getting beat up. Casey debates whether to spend the summer with Max or accept an internship with a senator who luckily has a spot open up at the last second. LC of The Hills appears to Casey in a dream and makes this author want to elbow his TV. Oh, and Frannie breaks away from ZBZ to form her own sorority and takes all the pledges with her, no biggie.

    Representations of College

    - You always read about hazing, but then the Greek system is all “Oh no, why would we ever do that. We are upstanding gentlemen.” So I’m just going to assume Greek the TV show knows the answer is somewhere in the middle and hazing happens, but it involves taking care of goldfish.

    - On that note, though, I’m glad the writers on this show pointed out how homo-erotic hazing (or at least the stereotypical portrayals of it) are. What’s the thrill of putting on women’s clothing? Trust me, I’ve done it (IT WAS FOR A SCAVENGER HUNT, GOSH) and I needed to eat three Baconators after just to feel a little better about my masculinity. Then my heart exploded.

    - Long distance relationships…an issue college students sometimes face. And an issue Greek hasn’t touched on in a while.

    Examples of Greekā€™s Bad Writing in Action Minus the LC Dream Sequence Because It’s More of a Commentary On Society

    - One of the KT pledges calls his nipples “his pepperoni.” People don’t do this in real life, right?

    - Everything Casey says to Max during the dramatic “It’s not you, it’s my internship” scene sounds straight off the Facebook page of a girl who has watched Rent too many times. “No regrets, Max, no regrets.” Nice, now tell me the one about dancing like no one is watching.

    Closing Question — Now that LC appeared on this show and beat out that guy from Wildfire for “best guest appearance on Greek,” who can the show possibly bring in next season? Axl Rose as Cappie’s father? McLovin as a new KT pledge? Jimmy the Greek as Rusty’s lovable racist grandpa?


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