Gone Greek: "Let's Make A Deal"

    Greek solidified a new running gag during tonight’s 21-themed episode. After only having the recurring jokes of “Ashleigh is dumb” and “Dale likes God,” the minds behind the curtains have given us Greek fans Betsy, the zany-but-lovable alcoholic. Betsy first appeared in a few scattered episodes last season as an out-of-control drinker who collapsed a lot. The writer’s loved this well-rounded character, and decided to bring her back this time around. But now she’s vowed to never drink again, and trying to live a sober life. One problem: she’s in college, where alcohol is everywhere, tempting and teasing her. Wacky outbursts follow.

    Betsy isn’t a particularly strong character (tough to be interesting when your weekly bit is “I love living a clean life OH BOOZE DAMNIT”), and shows all of the struggles the show is having at the moment trying to hit on interesting storylines (oh boy, haven’t seen relationship drama before). But the annoying Betsy is more than made up for by the other prominent new character introduced this season, Max the RA. He’s basically an older Rusty who never shook off the awkward, and tonight he got dropped into the most interesting story of the season thus far: Max has a crush on Casey, the awkward-boy-meets-outgoing-girl scenario. It was great because it was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, watching a guy like Max get close to Casey and then become a girl-phobic guy again. Maybe not the most original story (Rusty already went through this in season one), but far more interesting than watching Betsy scream about needing a drink or Ashleigh thinking blackjack is “go fish.”


    In an odd display of continuity, Ashleigh must pay off her charge card bill, but doesn’t have enough money. Thankfully, the Omega Chis announce a Casino Night party featuring a $2000 prize just in the nick of time. Casey and Ashleigh convince Rusty and Max to help them learn to count cards and win the prize. Cappie needs a new car, and Rebecca offers to buy him a ride complete with satellite radio. He realizes by accepting the car the relationship will move to a new level. He doesn’t know what to do. Evan has to decide whether to take his trust fund or not, and also looks longingly at Casey a few times.

    Representations of College

    - Casey criticizes Max’s flannel wardrobe… but flannel is kind of in right now, at least among the irony-loving crowd. Or did Northwestern add a lumberjacking major?

    - One “bro” mentions how he’s never seen Eurotrip but has seen Enchanted 16 times. Two parts to look at here – first off, girls do flock to that movie, but second, does anyone legitimately want to see Eurotrip? I know people who could pass as knuckle-dragging cavemen who never want to see that movie.

    - Max and that guy Ashleigh once dated (who wasn’t her ex-boyfriend in disguise, though I thought it was) got into a nerd fight about science. Replace “astrophysics” with “front page layout” and you have most of the debates I’ve sat through during my college years.

    Examples of Greek’s Bad Writing In Action

    - I know thinking up original names for things isn’t easy, but simply cramming two existing institutions together never impresses, writers of Greek. First we had Cheesoritos, and tonight we became aware of Costclub, the Greek world’s one-stop shop for cargo crates of ketchup.

    - Casey says “Social chair is more important than vice president.” Ashleigh adds, “Yeah…. of the United States!” Stupid, but could become fact if a certain mayor of 8000 people gets into office….

    - Evan’s mom made a brief appearance, and had this winner: “If you aren’t ready to invest in us, we aren’t ready to invest in you.” Worst insurance ad ever.

    - Asleigh addresses Casey, Max and Rusty, “Caseys and gentlemen…” I love when the lines don’t need further explaining! Less work for me.

    Closing Question – Tonight’s episode was just one giant ad for 21 (now on DVD), wasn’t it?


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