Gone Greek: "Social Studies"

    Oh, I love episodes like “Social Studies,” because they allow me to simply say you should just watch the darn episode yourself to be overwhelmed by dramatic twists. This is especially good when I have a paper to write and a quiz to study for. But yeah, you should watch “Social Studies” for yourself if you can. The biggest development, if you just can’t wait to see it, came on the Cappie-Casey front, which appeared to be regrettably back on for a moment before possibly being dashed away permanently. Though, knowing this show, it could be back in two weeks. But yeah, watch for yourself, good stuff this week.


    So much drama! Jordan wants to be friends with Rusty, especially after Andy officially breaks up with her. But, when Andy wants to officially get back with her like an hour later, Rusty gets all mad and says he can’t be friends with her because that’s not what he wants. And… you get one more twist after that one, which involves possibly the worst teacher a college classroom has ever seen. Cappie and Casey try to cram for a test, but Casey becomes jealous when she discovers Cappie’s dating habits. This leads to a bunch of awkwardness and eventually a big blowup. Rebecca leaves her computer, complete with an important essay unfortunately due the next day, in her car as it is towed away. Evan decides to help her get the computer back, even though it means facing off against a very angry dog. Elsewhere, Ashleigh doesn’t study for a test.

    Representations of College

    - None of the main characters are remotely prepared for their various midterms. It doesn’t take much investigating to figure out a large chunk of college students are complete slackers, but I’m glad Greek got this critical detail of university life down. Though I thought everyone – especially the seniors – were freaking out way too much about it. At some point, you look yourself in the mirror, say “C’s get degrees, yeah?” and move on with your life.

    - Ya know, using Trivial Pursuit as a study tool is pretty darn genius. How come nobody else has thought of that before? Or am I just a bad student (see above bullet point)?

    - What kind of teachers do they hire at Cyprus-Rhodes, exactly? The entire last scene of the episode exceeds all possible boundaries I can conjure up by suspending disbelief. First, what teacher actually reads a love note out loud to the class? That’s just a dick move. Second, what teacher allows a When Harry Met Sally-esque love conversation to play out in his class in front of everyone enrolled in the class on the day of the test? Just bizarre. Almost as bizarre as how much I over-analyze this show.

    Bad Writing Round-Up

    - The writers were too busy penning dramatic twists to mess anything up, though the idea of a “brown wedgie” seemed a bit unnecessary.

    Greek Tweet of the Night

    “i can’t even begin to explain how much that episode of greek made me cry. i don’t even know why either? AND WTF NO CASEYxCAPPIE?” SarahGomes_x isn’t taking tonight’s episode very well.

    Closing Question

    I assume Jesse McCartney is no longer on the show?


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