Gone Greek: "Take Me Home, Cyprus-Rhodes"

    The long, cold, sad winter is finally over, and you know what that means: Greek is back! Last season ended with a series of incredible twists, so the first episode of this season needed to tie up all the loose ends leftover from the fall. More importantly, for a show like Greek, the writers needed to introduce a whole slew of new characters and situations to propel this new season. So, “Take me Home, Cyprus-Rhodes” crammed a lot of new stuff into an hour. To help get you settled with this new season, here is a quick guide to all the new additions to the Greek world.

    • Iota Kappa Iota House – At the end of last season, Frannie broke off from ZBZ and took a bunch of their members to form her own sorority. Well, here it is, in all its hillariously named glory (hint: think of the initials. You now have the running gag for this season). IKI house (like icky, for the folks who didn’t figure it out last sentence) isn’t technically part of the pan-hellenic community yet, but they are working on it.
    • Andy – The school’s top football recruit (the school has a football team???) who also happens to be the most sought after pledge by the frat community. The Omega Chi’s think they got him wrapped up because he is friends with Calvin, but after being semi-kidnapped by the Kappa Tau’s (uhh, more on that later) and enjoying it, I bet things will get more interesting. Played by Jesse McCartney, a fact I just learned from…Twitter. Yikes.
    • Joan – Weird old lady who lives in the IKI house. Seems to be either an alcoholic, insane or just really old. Bound to be the butt of many a joke.
    • Ivy – A ZBZ sister shown for about two seconds. Important, because based on the next episode preview she and Rusty will be in some sort of relationship drama.
    • The writers are losing their mindsGreek’s earliest problems stemmed from the writer’s taking everything too seriously, sticking too close to reality. Thankfully, that seems fixed, as the people behind the show have decided to say “screw it, lets make this as ridiculous as possible.” Tonight’s episode overflowed with absurdity (Frannie’s one-sentence explanation of how she got the IKI house on Greek Row, the ZBZ-IKI tactical war, a bus being hijacked and a possum, among other things), and made the show super great. I was worried this season might lag, but if things continue to be as zany as tonight’s episode, I think it actually might be amazing.


    Everyone is back for a new school year at Cyprus-Rhodes! But it isn’t all fun and games – ZBZ has to deal with IKI house, Rusty has to deal with life living in a frat, Casey has to deal with the real world and Dale has to deal with a Canadian. Casey and Ashleigh, after an initial spat about living arrangements, work together (with the help of the Kappa Taus) to crash an IKI party aimed at freshmen. The KTs also hijack a bus the Omega Chis were on. The most important thing to gleam from this episode, as revealed near the end, is that Rebecca isn’t actually an IKI but a ZBZ mole.

    Representation of College

    • Casey and Ashleigh only exchanged e-mails over the summer. Do they not have an instant messaging program? This isn’t 1997.
    • Casey realizes that, after her less-than-fun internship, that she needs to hunker down and prepare herself better for a post-college career in politics. In simpler terms, she has become a massive tool. As a fellow senior, I too have seen many people become uber-serious about life after graduation, though as a journalism major it feels like everyone started acting uptight about it back in sophomore year.

    Bad Writing Round-Up

    • “When it comes to little boys, I have the touch.” A minute into the show, Rusty makes a molestation joke.
    • As noted above, I thought tonight’s episode rocked, but there was one super painful moment, courtesy of philosopher Cappie regarding Casey’s decision to become more serious about stuff. “You make yourself miserable now, to prepare for misery later? Soon we will be graduating slash dead. So play hackey sack while the sun still shines.” Whose Facebook “favorite quotes” section did he crib that one from?

    Greek Tweet of the Night

    “I just got done watching greek *sings n a heavenly chorus* Jesse looked like wow. I wanted 2 grab dat beer out of his hand and attack him!” Thank you jessecraze at Twitter.com!

    Closing Question

    Gawker called this the best show on TV? Wow, they actually do really like it, cool!


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