Gossip Girl: "Crazy, Cupid, Love"


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    Emotions runs rampant in the Valentine’s Day episode of Gossip Girlas characters are forced to truly confront their feelings for one another. At the same time, the Charlie/Ivy story arc (finally) hints at an ending. Ivy returns to New York and tries to fix her past, but inevitably fails as she is swallowed up by the city again. Though the Upper East Side is glamorous, I doubt very many people would want to live in Gossip Girl’s world, no matter how luxurious.

    Returning from her honeymoon, an emotionally beaten Blair tries to regain some control of her world by trying to get Dan and Serena together again. Nate’s Valentine’s Day party is the perfect opportunity. After hearing from Serena that her last “good” Valentine’s Day was in high school, Blair decides to make the party St. Constance-themed.

    Blair and Dorota’s efforts to get Serena and Dan together again offer some much-needed comic relief, even if it’s bittersweet: we know that Dan wants Blair, not Serena. Yet the sight of the characters back in their high school uniforms brings back memories of old relationships that seemed to almost work out.

    Georgina Sparks attacks Blair with increased malice in this episode. She obtains Blair’s prenuptial documents and formulates a plan to split up Blair and Louis in order to bankrupt the Waldorf family. She blackmails Dan into bringing Blair to the party, intending to get a picture of them kissing. She succeeds, but only after Dan finds out that she’s been acting as Gossip Girl since the car accident. He wisely blackmails her back, threatening to reveal her identity if the picture gets out.

    But Georgina had already done her damage: by setting up Dan and Blair’s kiss, she forces them to acknowledge their feelings for each other, much to Serena’s devastation. Oddly, Georgina, the expert liar, has an uncanny ability to draw out and reveal people’s true feelings. We can thank her at least for speeding up a plot that has been much too drawn out.

    Meanwhile, Ivy is back in town to apologize to Lily for what happened on the night of the accident, but somehow finds herself at Nate’s party. There, she meets the real Charlotte Rhodes, otherwise known as Lola, who is a caterer at the party and whom Nate is interested in. And apparently, she’s also friends with Ivy. One awkward, lie-filled conversation later, Ivy manages to escape…only for Nate to give her away after she left. I don’t blame Lola for being creeped out by the situation.

    This episode felt like a filler, mainly setting up for larger events later on. While I’m excited to see Dan and Blair’s relationship develop, I’m not sure if it’ll ever go anywhere. Hardly any relationships last in this world anyway—the questions is whether this exaggerates or accurately reflects our own world.


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