Gossip Girl: "Cross Rhodes"


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    This episode of Gossip Girl finally sees the end of the Rhodes family drama. The Upper East Side doesn’t treat outsiders kindly, so when her secret is finally exposed, I truly felt sorry for her. She was forced out of the world as quickly as she was forced into it.

    Serena is still furious at Blair for kissing Dan, so Blair comes up with the (obviously brilliant) plan to prove that her relationship with him is strictly platonic: stick around with him for an entire day and be nothing but friendly. The quality of Blair’s plans has been on the decline recently, but Serena is too upset to stop her.

    That day, an improv group is acting out excerpts from Dan’s book, Inside. Blair tags along with Dan to visit the theater, trying to be as “friendly” and “helpful” as possible. Dan isn’t too amused with this, since he wants Blair to think of him as more than a friend. So when Blair fake-kisses him, he kisses her back intensely. And, since this is a soap opera, Serena just happens to walk in at that point and spot the two.

    Blair has to confront her feelings at this point, since she’s obviously kissed Dan too many times for them to be just friends. Even though she tries to rationalize her emotions, she fails when she realizes that she may just reciprocate Dan’s feelings.

    Chuck isn’t feeling too great about that development, however. He seduces Dan’s agent so he can sabotage Dan’s book proposal. Blair recognizes this as Chuck’s work and convinces him to do the right thing.

    Meanwhile, the Rhodes family is in turmoil. Cece Rhodes is in the hospital after doctors find a blood clot in her lungs, and she asks Ivy to accompany her (still thinking she’s Charlie Rhodes). Ivy has been with Cece for months and doesn’t have the heart to refuse, even though going back to the city would put her in the range of the real Charlotte Rhodes. And the worst possible situation occurs: Lola Rhodes sees her real mother Carol at the hospital as Ivy stands by. Ivy reveals Carol’s plan to get Lola’s trust fund money, but that isn’t enough to save her from Serena’s anger. Serena tells her to leave her family alone, and a cornered Ivy Dickens doesn’t have many choices remaining. Cece dies without knowing that one of her granddaughters was not real.

    Though Georgina was absent from this episode, her presence is still there. A disgraced Ivy considers calling her after getting kicked out of the hospital. Finally, Gossip Girl rekindles Chuck’s fury by revealing to him that Dan was the one who sent Blair’s confession video to her.

    The characters’ emotions are always very polarized: they either love or hate each other. While that may be expected in a soap opera, it makes this repetitive over time. I’m already ready for a final showdown of emotions that will give purpose to all this buildup.


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