Gossip Girl: "G.G."


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    The 100th episode of any television show always comes loaded with emotions: You either reminisce about everything that’s happened over the past seasons, or you wonder why you bothered to spend 100 hours of your life watching it. While I’ve been feeling more of the latter lately, this episode of Gossip Girl at least gave me hope that the past 99 hours were not for nothing.

    The royal wedding is the main point of the episode. You can’t really say that Blair has grown much in the last five years, so seeing her in a wedding dress is disconcerting. At the same time, she is so nervous and vulnerable that you can’t help but wish the best for her, especially if you know that she is where she is now because of sheer willpower.

    Meanwhile, Chuck Bass successfully inflicts a bad case of food poisoning on Father Cavette, halting the later’s plan to stop the wedding. But just when you think that good will triumph for once, Georgina Sparks returns. (With a truly ridiculous hat.) And she wants revenge on Blair. She tells Father Cavette that Blair is never the weak link—instead, the men around her are. So she dresses up as an altar server and tries to get a video of her seducing Louis before the wedding, but fails miserably before Lily and Rufus kick her out.

    Most of the episode just consists of people trying to ruin the wedding, then saving it, then ruining it again. Serena’s mother tries to convince Blair to reevaluate her marriage decision. Blair’s mother, Eleanor, brings in Chuck to stop Blair because she thinks that her daughter isn’t meant for Louis. Blair does confess to Chuck that she truly loves him, but can never be with him. Georgina catches her confession on tape, and later gives the tape to Chuck so he can decide for himself if he wants to make it public or not.

    When Blair and Louis are finally at the altar, the priest asks the crowd for any objects. As the couple fearfully watch the figure of Chuck Bass, who is ominously standing in the back of the church, Gossip Girl sends out a blast with Georgina’s video of Blair’s confession. The crowd is scandalized, and Blair runs off the altar.

    …Just to return to it a little while later after apologizing. But something has changed for Louis. For one, we don’t get to see the wedding vows or the kiss. Instead, the cameras cut away to the party afterwards. Furthermore, while they’re in their first dance, surrounded by cameras, Louis delivers a private speech to Blair and illustrates a few themes prevalent in Gossip Girl: namely, loyalty, appearances versus true intent and love.

    “From this moment forward, there is nothing between us but a contract. Our marriage is all for show. And you’re going to put on the best damn show anyone ever has. You will smile for cameras, stand by my side, and wave, like you don’t have a care in the world. When we are alone, we’ll be like strangers to one another. And you’ll stay that way until I say it’s over.”

    Realizing that she’s made a mistake, Blair calls someone after the dance and tells that person to rescue her. Chuck calls a car to the St. Regis at the same time, but when he arrives, Blair is already gone. She’s been rescued by none other than Dan Humphrey.

    And perhaps the biggest surprise: Georgina Sparks is Gossip Girl? And she took Blair’s bouquet? I’m not sure if I believe it yet, but it’s obvious that much more trouble is brewing, as the show hurls towards its climax.


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