Gossip Girl: "The Princess Dowry"


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    Georgina was hard at work in this week’s episode of Gossip Girl. After Cece’s death, the Van der Woodsen family is now in a frenzied state. The Irish wake Cece planned doesn’t help either. The stand-in Gossip Girl swoops in on the scene and works her black magic skillfully, bending all the characters to her will.

    Blair is still trying desperately to get out of her marriage without paying a dowry, and Cyrus tries to help her by finding a loophole in her pre-nup. However, the royal family finds out about her plan, and Blair’s royal keeper smugly tells her that she can’t get out of her marriage…unless she plots with her, that is. Her royal keeper is in love with Louis, and offers Blair a way out of her marriage in exchange for the prince – the only requirement is that Blair keep out of the news (including Gossip Girl). While they are discussing this during the wake, Georgina overhears them.

    It’s certainly not possible for one person to be in as many places at once as Georgina, but as a resident Gossip Girl she does her job beautifully. She manages to (creepily) weave herself into all the characters’ storylines and influence them. She crashes the wake with Ivy, gets Chuck on her side by setting Dan as their mutual enemy and worked with Blair’s social keeper to trick a desperate Blair. At the end, she gives up her role as Gossip Girl, believing her work to be done, and mails a laptop of her notes to Serena.

    Meanwhile, Serena’s father, Dr. Van der Woodsen, arrives at the wake to read Cece’s will. Unfortunately for the family, Ivy is included in it. Even worse, Cece gave most of her estate to her, under the name “Ivy Dickens,” not Charlie Rhodes. The Van der Woodsens are horrified and turn on Ivy, who in actuality did nothing wrong except be thrown into the cutthroat world of the Upper East Side.

    The real Charlotte Rhodes realizes this fact and leaves, disappointed that her family is filled with liars and cheaters. I can’t help but agree with her: while they were discussing the will, Carol and Lily were fighting like teenagers, hurling venomous insults at each other.

    The scandal grows even more when a disgraced Carol takes with Dr. Van der Woodsen and reveals that he is actually Lola’s father, and that she conceived while he was married to Lily. Serena’s father is in shock, but tries to get back in touch with Lola.

    Lastly, the Chuck/Dan/Blair war rages on. Blair admits that she will always love Chuck, but says that she isn’t in love with him. Aside from being one of the most cliché loves lines ever, her explanation comes in at an awkward time, since she immediately heads to Dan afterwards and says that he’s the one who holds her heart. This confession felt so sudden and almost forced to me, as if the writers were just trying to find a nice way to end the episode. While I am excited for this new relationship, I just hope that it’s not just written off as a “filler” relationship before Blair and Chuck get together. Seeing one of the most unlikely couples actually work does add some novelty to the show that’s been missing for so long.


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