Gotcha fooled! Best April Fool's pranks on the Web

    On April Fools Day, it’s standard for media outlets to mess around with their readers, setting up fake website, fake news stories, and crazy fake inventions. Let’s take a tour of what really blew our minds on this mischievous day.

    First, YouTube showed off their new upside-down layout, complete with instructions for viewing.

    Screenshot of YouTube by author

    Woot, an online store that sells random stuff for cheap, had an awesome offer today: random crap. Only $3.00, plus $1,000,000.00 for shipping.

    Screenshot of by author

    Qualcomm Innovation, a wireless networking company, showed off their newest networking technology, including the Wolfpigeon, expanding networks…

    Screenshot of by author

    …the Sharkfalcon, which uses “ruthless flying killing machines” to prevent Wolfpigeon insurrections…

    Screenshot of by author

    …and of course, the Crocodeagle, to keep the sharkfalcon population low.

    Screenshot of by author

    For some fun text-filled pranks take a look at the Guardian in the United Kingdom explained that after “188 years of ink” they’ll be switching to publishing exclusively via Twitter. How trendy of them.

    And don’t forget Google, those tricksters, who introduced us to “CADIE: the Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.” No, I’m not sure what that means either.

    Finally, your very own North By Northwestern showed off our newest sister-site, geared towards our favorite demographic: the Vikings. Bursting at the seams with puns, pillaging, and Nordic heavy Viking metal rock (Sweet Home Scandinavia is my jam!), Norse By Norsewestern truly made my morning.

    Screenshot of Norse By Norsewestern by author


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