GREEN House and Elder win Green Cup competition

    Green Cup announced that GREEN House and Elder are the winners of its annual competition today after tallying the points dorms earned throughout the month of February.

    GREEN House won the non-dining hall category, with 180.76 points, followed by 584 Lincoln (74.12 points) and Mid-Quad North (59.38 points). Elder led the dining hall dorms with 353.79 points, followed by Foster-Walker (173.84 points) and Sargent (91.11 points).

    Green Cup co-chair Phil Dziedzic is pleased with the outcome of this year’s competition. “It’s been a lot more sustained than in previous years,” the McCormick senior said. “In general, we’ve gotten a lot more participation and it’s held up throughout.”

    The closing ceremony will be held on Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. in the Great Room. The ceremony is open to everyone and small prizes will be awarded for individual achievements throughout the competition.

    Check out the final results of Green Cup.


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