Grey's Anatomy: "Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)"

    This episode of Grey’s Anatomy was purportedly all about deception. Which prompted me to ask: When is an episode of Grey’s not about lying and sneaking around and keeping secrets? But I digress. This week’s episode was less heavy on the dramatic, really outrageous medical stories and very heavy on character development and technology.

    Callie’s news in “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)” rocks both of her relationships with Mark and Arizona. Photo by Randy Holmes, courtesy of ABC.

    First off, Derek’s clinical trial with Alzheimer’s began, which brought in the pretty much necessary tragic factor that every episode of Grey’s Anatomy needs. It involved the tough decision of having to lie to patients and tell them they are going to be OK, when in fact, they are being given the placebo and not the treatment (get it?! The theme is deception?).

    In a story line that pretty much avoided deception full stop, Callie finally reveals to Mark that she is pregnant…with his child. He is pretty ecstatic, because, I mean, why wouldn’t he be? He’s going to be a father to his lesbian best friend’s child! He’s living the dream!

    In another story line, Twitter decided to make an appearance in the world of Seattle Grace as Bailey starts live-tweeting through her surgeries much to the dismay of the chief. The idea was that other doctors and hospitals would follow her surgeries and it was apparently some sort of educational forum?


  • Derek being all noble and heroic doing his super cool clinical trial. However, it’s apparently going to last for two years. So this super cool heroic act could get old, fast.
  • The Alzheimer’s case was even more heart wrenching than usual…in that half the time the husband remembered his wife of 40 years (Rose from Lost? Anyone?) and the other half of the time, he was in love with another woman that he just met. Tragic to the power of ten.
  • Callie and Mark are the new Will and Grace. Except that Mark should probably stop being her sexual palette cleanser after every breakup she goes through.
  • The chief being clueless about Twitter. For some reason, every time there is a typical story about someone old who doesn’t know about Twitter, it always makes me laugh for an unknown reason. Must be a generational thing.
  • Northwestern shout-out! Although it had nothing to do with the plot, Northwestern got a shout-out when Bailey was trying to find a hospital that did cell transplants and Northwestern tweeted to Seattle Grace that they could do it. Medically savvy and tech savvy? We can do no wrong, even in fiction.
  • Cristina is back! And bitchy!
  • Low points

  • Callie wants Arizona to be a part of her plan. Her great big Calzona plan. Remember like two episodes ago when Callie was completely done with Arizona? I know they are like “meant to be,” but that transition was sudden.
  • Embarrassingly enough, I happened to be on Twitter during this episode and Shonda Rhimes shamelessly tweeted about Miranda Bailey’s fake Twitter account. Code blue: It’s lame.
  • McDreamy is getting gray hairs. Next thing you know Meredith will get horrible bangs…oh wait.
  • Really? Tweeting through surgery as a learning tactic? Because that is the best use of a doctor’s time, sitting in an operating room typing furiously on her Crackberry for hours on end.
  • Quotables

  • “I’m trying to look at Bailey’s teats on the Internet.” — The chief, thoroughly not understanding what Twitter is.
  • “I’m a human casserole!” — Callie, on her pregnancy. I’ve rarely heard being pregnant described so eloquently.
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