Grey's Anatomy: "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"

    Izzie returns, Richard gets schwasty and someone gets the pox. Find out what worked and what was life-threatening on this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


    One word: Owen. Not only is he is an alumnus of Northwestern University, but his fiery passion never fails to deliver. After Teddy confesses to Owen Yang’s offer to trade him for surgery, we thought that he would run to Yang to yell, maybe choke her again– in this case, maybe she would have deserved it. Instead, when Owen furiously kisses Yang and tells her he won’t let her choose surgery over him, how could you not choose love?

    Arizona’s admiration of Callie from afar while she’s approaching insanity from chicken pox is endearing and is a sense of calm among the chaos of the many Grey’s couples. And it’s mildly amusing to watch Callie going loco and lashing out at Little Grey, whose pain could have easily been prevented. Anyone who is foolish enough to leave Sloan deserves to go through Callie’s yelping.


    It’s understandable that Meredith is trying to protect Richard. It’s understandable that she doesn’t want to be the one that squeals on her mentor. But it’s not understandable that Meredith isn’t nearly as concerned with protecting her patients. The seven-hour surgery Richard was supposed to head would have been the perfect amount of time for him to go through being tipsy, wasted and hung-over, leaving him using his patient’s insides as a toilet bowl. Good idea, Meredith.

    Izzie’s return has been hovering upon us. Instead of a joyous comeback though, her entrance in Meredith’s kitchen is irksome, intrusive. She expects that simply returning to her husband whom she so easily abandoned will be enough to rekindle their relationship. Her expectations are unrealistic and a bit heartless—perhaps she forgot how to be a human after she died last season.


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