Grey's Anatomy: "It's a Long Way Back"

    When Grey’s Anatomy returns after a hiatus, it usually heralds a good but jam-packed episode, and this was no exception. Whether good or bad things were happening, the plots were constantly moving, backwards and forwards. In the weeks following the car accident that nearly ended both Callie’s life and her unborn child’s, Callie is making a relatively slow recovery because of her mental and physical ailments. The baby is having problems and complications of its own, mostly because of the fact that “it looks like a tiny featherless chicken” according to Cristina (won’t she make the best godmother?).

    Meanwhile, the clinical trial rages on, but there is small bump in the road to shiny doctor success, when a patient randomly dies on the table from heart conditions that the family failed to mention. Because there is suddenly a space in the clinical trial, Meredith suggests that Adele be put in because of a post-it that she read on the Chief’s jacket that morning saying, “This is Richard. Richard is your husband”. They do tests and find out that she is rapidly deteriorating, which is also evidenced by the fact that she thinks that Meredith is Ellis and wants her husband back (we’ve really come full circle with the whole Ellis/Richard affair, haven’t we?).

    In the race for chief resident, all of our favorite former interns (plus a few newbies) are vying for the spot and working overtime to prove their worth. Karev finds himself left behind in this regard and therefore decided he wants to ship sick kids from Africa, specifically from Arizona’s former program, in order to help save their lives. He attempts to swindle the money out of a rather testy patient who has no family and is about to die, and she agrees but dies before she can put in the request, leaving Alex cursing her name.

    For the last bit of the episode, we have fast-forwarded to when the baby is 12 weeks old. Callie is told that she can be released from the hospital with the baby. Also, Alex and his trailer, the McDreamy mobile, get evicted and to top it all off he has committed fraud in order to secure the money for the African kids who have almost arrived to the hospital. But in probably the sweetest story ever, the dragon lady, who had died weeks earlier, had actually given $200,000 to Karev for the surgery in her will. The episode ends as Adele goes into surgery and gets the active agent instead of the placebo, which was entirely orchestrated by Meredith and will clearly come back to bite her.


    Scott Foley’s character (and his face) continue to be a welcome sight on this show. Something will happen between him and Teddy at some point, or they wouldn’t be keeping him around, but I find that I don’t mind the waiting so much (mostly because of his face).

    I loved when all of the residents banded together to wheel Callie in to see her daughter for the first time. It’s great when they put doctor-to-doctor loyalty over rules (only on the show, not in the real world).

    I love that Karev is clearly no longer the bastard he used to be and instead just pretends to be one when he needs to weasel something out of someone. He clearly has one of the biggest hearts on the show and it now has the ability to roam free as opposed to being trapped by one of the many train-wreck relationships he’s been involved in.


    Cristina still has no plotline. She needs surgeries fast.

    Henry, Scott Foley’s character, is totally not going to last on the show, mostly because he’s not working at the hospital (how long did McVet last? Denny?), which is upsetting because he definitely makes Teddy a better character.

    This whole Adele having Alzheimer’s thing bugs me. It just really doesn’t feel necessary. The only reason it’s happening is so that Derek’s seemingly never-ending clinical trial will get more personal and interesting, but what are the odds that the two women Richard has ever loved both get aggressive Alzheimers?


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