Grey's Anatomy: "Not Responsible"

    This episode was all about showing how even though doctors seem extremely responsible, they aren’t always the most practical of people (I’m thinking of a certain LVAD incident). This theme referred directly to Meredith as her fertility meds were making her vision fuzzy which she seems to not take seriously until she is about to drill a hole in someone’s skull. Another doctor that isn’t so responsible in this episode was the Chief, who refuses to acknowledge signs that his wife, who was in the hospital for the second time, has some dementia problems.

    Speaking of dementia, Derek’s clinical trial continues with a young mom who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and has a young son who helps her through her illness. He helps her remember everything that she can’t and gives her a huge amount of emotional support. However, Meredith notices a lump on his chin that the family does not have time to get checked. She decides to look into it and discovers that he has a threatening cyst that must be operated on immediately. However, the evil Dr. Stark, sees this problem as the parents not taking care of the son and wants to call Child Protective Services. The rest of the doctors think that this is a mistake because of how good the son is for the mother during her illness. As they operate on the son’s cyst, the mother goes into surgery and we discover that she is getting the Alzheimer’s treatment instead of the placebo (yay!). In the end, April convinces Dr. Stark that it’s not necessary to call Child Protective Services, and he asks her out on a date because of her assertiveness.

    The heartwrenching story line in this episode was a man with cystic fibrosis who was coming in for a lung transplant. It turns out his caring girlfriend also has cystic fibrosis. It’s very dangerous for two people with cystic fibrosis to be in a relationship because of the amount of bacteria and illnesses that they can transfer to each other. Teddy puts her foot down and says that she will not do the surgery until they end their relationship. She heartbreakingly kisses him for the last time before leaving. Lexie explains to her that although it feels like they are soul mates, there is always someone else. This was clever foreshadowing for Avery declaring to Lexie that he wants a chance with her…fastforward to a few minutes later when they are getting steamy in the shower together. The episode concludes when the Chief finally comes to terms and asks Derek for help with his wife, making our responsibility theme come to a nifty conclusion.


  • Surprisingly, the clinical trial cases are not getting monotonous but in fact more interesting.
  • Arizona finally acknowledges the strangeness of the Sloane-Callie-Arizona relationship. Someone had to.
  • Dr. Stark asks April on a date? I rarely laugh out loud on this show anymore, and I went wild when this happened. Although this is just plain weird, I find myself surprised that the show can still pull-off the shock factor seven seasons into the game.
  • Little Grey just moves from one McSteamy to another. And no one is arguing.
  • Lowlights:

  • Maybe I’m the only person that’s bothered by Lucy Field’s attempt at an American accent. She seems to go back and forth, and it kind of irks me.
  • Ever since Cristina has been back at the hospital and over her PTSD, she has not had a single interesting story line. There was some sort of feeble attempt to give her a story line about never wanting to have kids this episode, but it just made me realize how much I missed the days when she was illegally doing heart surgery or accidentally having miscarriages.
  • The more Dr. Fields and Karev flirt around the issue of them dating, the more I get bored. She either needs to leave or get in his pants. This dilly-dallying is getting rough.
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