Grey's Anatomy: Song Beneath the Song

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    This much-anticipated musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy centered around Callie, who was in critical condition after being involved in a car crash with Arizona. Arizona asked Callie to marry her, decided not to look at the road, and a truck “came out of nowhere” and hit them.The entire episode focused on Callie, her unborn baby, and her attempt at recovery. She seemingly goes through every single complication in the world, but both she and her 1 pound 1 ounce baby manage to make it through in the end.

    Essentially the musical episode was exactly what I expected…awkward and unnecessary. The entire time I felt like I should have been really sad and upset about Callie dying but I felt distracted by the fact that her ghost was roaming the halls singing. Usually when there is a musical episode, it’s either a hallucination, there’s an actual musical involved, or there’s some rhyme or reason to the music, and this just seemed like a weird combination of all three that left me confused. The singing seemed to be her own hallucination but then singing frequently occurred when she wasn’t around so that line of thought didn’t really pan out. All in all I feel like the music didn’t really add anything to the episode when it was clearly meant to. There would have been much more of a focus on Callie and her trauma if the episode had just been normal. Usually trauma episodes are the one’s that Grey’s does best and it was wrong to mess with what they do so well.

    However, regardless of the episode as a whole, the singing was surprisingly good. Sara Ramirez, playing Callie, has pretty much the most kickass vocals ever and the supporting singers honestly weren’t that bad. Also, the song choices weren’t bad either mostly because Grey’s Anatomy fanatics could look back and remember the time that those songs played in previous episodes. Overall though, I wasn’t really moved by the episode at all, which is the exact opposite reaction that should have been had from an episode like this.


    The first scene where Callie had flown out to the windshield was so realistic that it gave me shivers. Props to the makeup department for her marred face.

    Addison returning for this episode. If she hadn’t, it would have been really strange considering she’s the best at all the baby stuff.

    Finally, the tension came to a head about the fact that Callie, Arizona, and Mark are in a weird threesome relationship with each other. They seem to have finally come to terms with it. It’s definitely not normal, but it seems like it works.


    As Karev said, that hospital should be called “Seattle Grace and Mercy Death.” Does no one find it odd that every single character on the show has almost died in a huge trauma accident? It’s getting a little old. Callie getting in a car crash was just unnecessary.

    Why are people having sex when Callie is dying? Everyone is upset and sobbing and then suddenly everyone’s half-naked and singing about walking on sunshine.

    The singing was one thing, but when Bailey started dancing with her nurse boyfriend? This isn’t Glee.

    The sheer number of songs was a little much. If you’re doubling the amount of songs in an average episode of Glee, there’s a problem.


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