Grey's Anatomy: "White Wedding"

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    Two weddings and one (potential) baby. That’s a whole lot of drama even for one episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but they managed to pull it off, with time to spare. Although the show has been on this track for a while, this episode solidified to me how Grey’s has really dropped the “comedy” element that held so many people in the original seasons and become solely drama based, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Because the show is more intensely focused on the drama, the plotlines and characters have all become much more multi-faceted and interesting to watch.

    This episode focused around the wedding of Callie and Arizona. Both of their families come into town to celebrate the union, which should have been perfect but ends up being rather disastrous. Callie discovers that her mother hates that she is marrying a lesbian and had a child out of wedlock. She decides to leave Seattle and, coupled with the last minute cancelation of the minster, Callie decides to cancel the wedding. However, Bailey (the best friend in the world) gives one of her amazing speeches, convincing Callie to go through with the wedding.

    Meanwhile, the race for chief resident rages on, with Karev in the lead, after bringing over about a dozen children from Africa to perform surgeries that they desperately need. With Karev and his African children, Meredith and the clinical trial, Avery with his research, and April with surprising support from Dr. Stark, Cristina feels very much at the back of the pack after Teddy removed her from her cardiac service. Cristina attempts to apologize multiple times to Teddy for undermining her authority but is denied as Teddy realizes that her apologizes are for selfish reasons and not at all sincere.

    Finally in the shocking plotline of this episode, Derek decides that he wants to adopt the African orphan on whom he had done surgery in conjunction with Karev’s project. Meredith agrees, but one of the stipulations is that they have to get married. So they head over to the courthouse and get probably the fastest marriage in TV history, as Callie and Arizona simultaneously have their gorgeous and beautiful ceremony. As unceremonious as their wedding was, it was absolutely perfect for Meredith and Derek. It was direct and clinical and only legally confirmed what they had already known for some time. I’m so happy that his marriage was finally confirmed, and judging from the looks of unrestrained joy on their faces, Derek and Meredith were even happier.


    I’ve always been of the persuasion that Meredith is one of the more boring characters in this series, but I found myself giddy with excitement over how happy she was after getting married.

    Sloan stepping up for Callie when she needed him is why he is going to be the best father ever.

    Speaking of best fathers, I could not contain the smile on my face when Derek was playing with his future baby. He is the world’s most adorable dad.

    Bailey performing the ceremony was extremely poignant and fitting considering the wedding went ahead because of her impassioned speech that saved the whole day.


    Will this Teddy/Cristina mess get cleaned up sometime soon? Because Cristina needs a plotline that doesn’t concern her pining after surgeries…

    Karev is starting to get really cocky about his African child miracle, and its not only completely fake but also unattractive for his character.

    Teddy leaving would be great for Cristina’s character because she would get more surgeries, but I love Teddy and her rapport with the other characters way too much, and I would hate it if she left. Also, why is Andrew asking her to move to Germany? He only just got back from a huge hiatus away from her and suddenly he’s Mr. Commitment?


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