The Dolphin Show puts on a spectacle with "Gypsy"
  • Sisters Louise and June, played by School of Communication seniors Jessie Klueter and Grace Kennedy, begin to grow closer in their duet "If Momma Was Married."
  • School of Communication senior Alex Getlin dreams of a chance in the spotlight during her song, "Rose's Turn."
  • School of Communication seniors Anna Basile, Talia Weingarten and Jessica Pinnick draw many laughs from the audience as quirky burlesque dancers.
  • School of Communication senior Jessie Klueter transforms from Louise into Gypsy Rose throughout the course of the performance.
  • School of Communication senior Alex Getlin steals the stage during one of her various solos as Rose, a mother trying to make her daughters stars.
  • Ensemble members entertain the audience.
  • School of Communication senior Jessie Klueter captivates the audience with her acting and vocal performance.
  • Garrett Hanson and Alex Getlin, both seniors in the School of Communication, spice up the song "You'll Never Get Away From Me."
Photos by Cassandra Majewski / North by Northwestern

The Dolphin Show's presentation of "Gypsy" closed this weekend to rave reviews. Arguably one of the top musicals of all time, "Gypsy" was a challenge, and the Dolphin Show rose to the occasion yet again.

"The show itself is incredible, touching and poignant," said "Gypsy" business producer Alex Wolfe.

The story of "Gypsy" and the Dolphin Show's interpretation of it focuses largely on the transformation of Louise. School of Communications senior Jessie Klueter, who plays Louise, was drawn to her because the character is without her own unique voice at the beginning. During the course of the show, she eventually finds her voice after multiple musical numbers.

Her transformation is in part due to Rose, her mother. School of Communication senior Alex Getlin plays the role of Rose in "Gypsy" and gives a Broadway-worthy performance. The character of Rose is basically an amalgamation of "Dance Moms" and "Mommy Dearest." As an overbearing stage mom, Rose's obsession with the stage and inability to let her daughters grow up creates rifts between them. However, for the audience, her character and the rest of the cast provide endless entertainment.

So, why should people love the Dolphin Show?

Simply put, "Why not, dainty June?"

With a great cast, hard working producers and strong female characters, the Dolphin Show proves once again why it is one of the pinnacles of Northwestern theater.


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