Hamster bandages

    You were small, with feet
    that barely covered the tips
    of my fingers.

    I could feel your heart beat
    fast between your ribs,
    thin as sinews.

    My hands, clammy,
    shook with excitement,
    as your tiny legs
    swam in the air.

    My eyes brimmed
    with delight, overflowing,
    while yours grew wide
    with terror.

    You squirmed and fought
    against my grasp,
    wriggling between.

    And from the top of my three-foot
    tall, four-year-old’s frame
    you, poor hamster, fell.

    The fall was far,
    for such short legs,
    little feet and delicate bones.

    Your eyes grew larger,
    deep pits of fear, stunned,
    you stopped squirming,

    My eyes welled, feeling
    sorry for my newest, smallest
    and now, stillest friend.

    You were quickly scooped up
    by much larger palms, warmly
    they carried you away.

    But luckily, mom and dad said,
    we’ve got plenty of
    hamster bandages.


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