Happiness Club celebrates Throwback Thirsty Thursday
  • Schuette and LaFond give drinks to students. "It's a good pick-me-up," LaFond said. "It's that time of the year when no one wants to be in class."
  • Schuette greets students passing by to give out childhood drinks.
  • LaFond and Schuette take a sip out of their drinks.
  • Weinberg junior Matt LaFond and Weinberg freshman Cari Schuette call out to students passing by that they are giving out free drinks.
  • Childhood drinks included Kool-Aid Jammers, Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk and Minute Maid juice boxes.
Remember drinking Capri Suns and Kool-Aid Jammers in elementary school? Happiness Club held an event called Throwback Thirsty Thursday on May 4, passing out drinks to students passing by the Rock. Throwback Thirsty Thursday was one of the events during Happiness Week from May 25 to May 29. Other events included capture the flag on Monday, temporary tattoos on Tuesday, a "What Makes You Happy" campaign at the Rock on Wednesday and Field Day Friday, a collaboration with the NU Outing Club for students to play outdoor sports like soccer, frisbee and slackline.


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