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    When you attend one of the 100 most expensive colleges in America, everything costs a lot of money. Slept in and missed your 9 a.m. lecture? May as well burn $102.18 (based on the $49,047 sticker-price tuition for the 2015-2016 school year, found on U.S. News & World Report).

    For a lot of us, finding a job is a necessity, and NBN is here to help.

    For hipster artists who like art in weird places

    Alley Gallery

    Tucked in the alley across from CVS, the aptly named Alley Gallery boasts a decades-long legacy of museum-quality custom framing, a wide collection of art from local artists and its own talking parrot named Jessica.

    JOB: Part-time framer

    WHO: Art history majors who want to learn custom framing from expert framers – no experience required

    WHAT: Learn how to make frames

    HOW MUCH: $8.25 per hour

    “We had ownership of what were were doing and a responsibility that made the shop survive.” – Ross Martens, co-owner of Alley Gallery and Communication alum


    If you’re into underground art, literally, look no further than the Norris Underground’s ARTica Studios, where you’ll help other Northwestern students discover the joys of ceramics, sewing machines and so much more.

    JOB: ARTica attendant (Work-study)

    WHO: Crafty work-study students with great customer service skills

    WHAT: Assist with area’s development and daily operation, promotion and advertising, equipment usage, safety

    HOW MUCH: $8 per hour

    HOURS: 8 to 12 hours per week

    For gym buffs

    Mail and Package Center

    Who says squats and bicep curls are reserved for the gym? Work your muscles as you lunge for that package and shoulder-press those textbook deliveries.

    JOB: Clerk (Work-study)

    WHO: People who would rather be paid to work out

    WHAT: Sort, deliver and forward mail to residents; keep track of packages as they enter and leave the mailing center

    HOW MUCH: $8.50 per hour (starting)

    HOURS: 8 to 15 hours per week

    For smooth talkers


    Get over your millennial phone-phobia by repeatedly cold-calling alumni and asking for money, all while earning some money for yourself. Added bonus: You get to interact with some great future employers!

    JOB: Phoneathon aide (Work-study)

    WHO: People who want to make networking connections with alumni

    WHAT: Contact alumni and ask for donations

    HOW MUCH: $9.25 per hour (starting) with raises as you gain experience

    HOURS: Students are expected to work two full three-and-a-half hour shifts per week

    For history (or fashion) junkies

    Crossroads Trading Co.

    A historical crossing between humans with and without clothes, this consignment store echoes with the sound of mysterious lives lived while wearing fashionable apparel.

    JOB: Floor staff

    WHO: People who love fashion

    WHAT: Assist with fitting rooms, keep store clean and organized, conduct ongoing merchandise processing, answer phone calls, perform point-of-sale tasks and assist with interior and window displays and store security

    HOW MUCH: Pay commensurate with experience, competitive with other retail jobs

    HOURS: Flexible depending on schedule, but 15 to 30 hours per week generally

    For foodies, and obsessive eaters

    Northwestern Dining

    In terms of numbers, our dining halls actually outrank NU academics. Food website The Daily Meal ranks us the fifth-best college for food last year. Go ‘Cats! Join the awesome NU Dining team as an intern and learn what makes us number five.

    JOB: Graphic design intern

    WHO: Computer-savvy students who are interested in marketing

    WHAT: Work with event coordinators to create flyers and materials – think business cards and promotional videos – for upcoming dining events

    HOW MUCH: $10 per hour

    HOURS: 12 hours per week between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

    “Every step of the way I learned something new and was given constructive feedback to enhance my design skills.” – Matthew Ehinger, McCormick senior


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