Hiding your ink in the workplace

    I struggle with the thought of getting a tattoo nearly every day. I know what I want it to look like, but deciding on a place to put it has been a challenge. Obviously tattoos are with you for the rest of your life, and being young it’s hard to predict how tattoos will be perceived in my future workplace. While many fields now accept tattoos, such as in the arts, athletics, digital media and the military, most jobs still cling to conservative values when hiring according to the American Public Media's Marketplace. In a study conducted by CareerBuilder.com, 31 percent of employers would not hire someone with a visible tattoo. Here’s a list of places that are easily concealed, should you end up in an environment that does not support visible tattoos. 

    Behind the ear
    This works as long as you’re not planning on having a pixie cut in your adult life. Even so, I’m sure your hairdresser could work to make it easily hidden when necessary.

    Photo by Saron Strait / North by Northwestern

    Back/shoulder blades
    Hidden by day, easily flaunted by night. For the ladies, there are tons of shirts that have open backs or even just racerback-style tank tops that would allow a tattoo to be shown off when appropriate, but hidden by opaque shirts during the day. 

    While still avoiding the “tramp stamp,” tattoos along the waistline or hip can still be seductive and also easily hidden. 

    Photo by Saron Strait / North by Northwestern

    Pretty much anywhere on the torso is fair game, as I’m not sure of too many jobs that require regularly showing this area off. A popular location is along the side of the torso, often just below the bra line. If your tattoo is more about a personal message and you’re worried about it ever being discovered, you could do it just underneath the side of your bra. 

    Although it is hard to physically conceal, a small tattoo on the inside of a finger can easily go unnoticed. I would suggest the left hand, so potential employers don’t catch a glimpse when shaking your hand.

    Photo by Saron Strait / North by Northwestern

    The thigh is also a good place if you’re wanting a tattoo with a lot of wow factor, as long as you’re comfortable wearing pants to work every day.

    A popular trend in tattoos right now, and maybe a bit over done, is a tattoo on the inside of the wrist. It can be easily hidden by bracelets or a watch and allows girls to show off how ballsy they are for getting a real tattoo with the highly original “love infinity” symbol.

    Photo by Saron Strait / North by Northwestern

    The top of the foot is not conducive to flip flops or flats, but if your workplace requires boots or tennis shoes you’ll be fine. Another option is the side of the foot. I would avoid having tattoos on the bottom of your foot like in Life-Size, as these wear down easily and need a lot of upkeep.


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